Originally published in Another Sky #11

How Did My Father Die?

by MJ Mink

Uncle Owen, how did my father die?

He deserted his responsibilities. He ran away and abandoned you and your mother. He signed onto a spice freighter because he wanted adventure. He died in space.
Aunt Beru, how did my father die?
He had an independent spirit, little one. He wasn't content to stay at home. He was impetuous and made mistakes, but he loved your mother. I think of him often and wish he was still with us.
Biggs, how did my father die?
My dad said he joined the Imperial Navy or somethin'. He probably died savin' a whole shipload of colonists from certain doom when an alien warship fired lotsa torpedoes at them and your dad flew his little ship right in front of the big liner and got blown up instead of them. You're so lucky! I wish my dad was a hero. You and me'll be heroes someday, just wait and see.
Fixer, how did my father die?
What're you asking me for? You're the one always sayin' he was such a big hero. Don't you believe your own stories anymore, Wormie? Why don't you just shut up about it.
Ben, how did my father die?
Darth Vader betrayed and murdered your father.
                    Then my father is truly dead.

                                    No, I am your father.

                                                You can't die. I've got to save you!

                                                            It is too late for me, son.

Did I ever tell you how my father died?

He was a hero.


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